NeemaKar a unique composition of Neem, Karanj, Tulsi etc. This extract contains azadirachtin A B D H and I salannin, nimbin epoxy azadiradione, azadiradione, to mention a few which impart maximum benefit in terms of pest control, simultaneously preventing the development of resistance in insects.

With long research, this has proved that only azadirachtin – A, does not play the vital role in controlling the pest, the combination of all azadirahtin ABDH and I plus above mentioned indgredients, which comes from the extrad of the neem. Further Karanj (Pongamia glabra) extract has been established as a very effective bio, miticide and insecticide. Tulsi plays a vital role to create irritation.

It acts against more than 200species of insects and pests. The active agent of the same act as antffeedent and repellant.


• No residue or taint to tea.
• Very effective acaricide, pesticide.